Newport Quakers on sustainability


In 2011 Quakers in Britain’s Yearly Meeting made a commitment to become a low carbon sustainable community. Part of the statement reads:

To individual Friends we issue a clear call to action to consider the effect of their lives on the world’s limited resources and in particular on their carbon usage. ……

Individual actions to date:

Alterations to homes and lifestyles that help to reduce carbon emissions 

  • Ensuring homes are well-insulated; installing solar panels; 
  • Purchasing green energy and energy efficient appliances when old ones need replacing; 
  • Reducing central heating temperature in the home; heating only those rooms in use; 
  • Growing their own vegetables and/or buying locally grown produce; being more organised about meals and cutting down on food waste;
  • Using public transport whenever possible; purchasing energy efficient cars including electric or hybrid; 
  • Cutting down/out flying for pleasure
  • Following the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle 
  • Support climate change demonstrations and extinction rebellion

Note some of the above are expensive, others save money.

Actions taken by the whole Meeting:

  • Sharing simple lunches e.g. bread and cheese
  • Sharing feedback from conferences on climate change
  • Decluttering events where we have brought in useful unwanted items for others to use or go to a local charity.
  • At the beginning of April we wrote to Jessica Morden, Ruth Jones and John Griffiths expressing our concerns about climate change and asking for action on ensuring that the UK plays its part in limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2050. Members of the Meeting who live in different constituencies sent a copy of the letter to their own MPs.
  • Looked at the Newport well-being plan and responded to the online consultation on its Sustainable Traffic Strategy


We are a small Meeting and don’t have the people resources and energy to do as much as we would like to.  Working with other groups could be helpful.

It’s not easy to make the link between our lifestyles and global warming and when we do the remedies can be very uncomfortable. 

How do we influence government policies?

How do we start conversations about global warming and climate change?


Below are some recent documents relating to climate change 

Minute 36 leaflet.pdf
Quaker National commitment to sustainability 2011
Green advices and Queries
A Quaker response to the crisis of climate change.pdf
A Quaker response to climate change 2009